Saturday, October 07, 2006

More on Denmark's poisoned water

There's very scant coverage of the water poisoning in Denmark, but I did find this piece at The New Anatolian. The trouble is, it appears to be a different incident. Here's the article in its entirety, since it's fairly brief:
COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) - Police said Friday they were investigating how someone was able to open a manhole cover and drop in a container filled with rat poison that caused a temporary shutdown of water service. The small container containing the strychnine was found Tuesday by a waterworks technician doing a routine check on the manholes that make up part of the water works for the town of Koege. Medical authorities said the amount of strychnine was too small to cause any harm. The waterworks protectively suspended its distribution of water to the southern Copenhagen suburb's 35,00 residents, and replaced it with water from Copenhagen. Police said the manhole cover, which had been sealed with a padlock, was opened and the container dropped in the shaft. "We consider it a serious case. We don't know who did it or why," police spokesman Ove Pedersen told Denmark's TV2.
Can there possibly be two separate incidents of water supply poisoning? The town discussed here is Koege, while the one discussed in my earlier post is Greve. Also, the circumstances of the discovery are different, as well as the description of the "manhole".

Any visitors from Denmark familiar with the incident(s) are welcome to fill in the details!

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