Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why is this woman smiling?

Can it really be this easy? According to The Daily Mail (UK), Pakistani immigrant Zainab Bibi has applied for asylum in Britain, and has been granted a two-year visa pending a decision. The grounds for her seeking asylum are a bit, well, unusual:
"Miss Bibi lodged her application for asylum claiming she was repeatedly attacked in her home town near Faisalabad, Pakistan. She said youths in her home town of Toba Tek Singh threw stones and rocks at her and often pulled at her clothing.

"Miss Bibi says one man hit her with a stick breaking her wrist and now she is too afraid to return to her home country for fear of further attacks."
I'll admit that it sounds like things were pretty bad for her at home. So, why was she subjected to such abuse? It seems Ms. Bibi is tall. Very tall. Seven feet, two inches to be exact.

Why Britain? Well, it seems Ms. Bibi is also diabetic and requires continued medical care:
"Miss Bibi said a major appeal of living in Britain is that she can receive free NHS treatment instead of paying for costing private care in Pakistan.

"After flying in from Pakistan, she clamed asylum in June and was given a council flat in Stockport, Greater Manchester, where she pays no rent or council tax and receives £40 a week in benefits."
Given the apparent low standards for considering an applicant for asylum in Britain, I can just see the next request they get:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm under constant threat of death in my adopted country. I'm pursued mercilessly by countless men who hate me and taunt me. Oh, and I also have a condition requiring regular kidney dialysis.

Mind if I come to Britain and stay a while?

Osama Bin Laden


dizzyfatplonka said...

Ah you are back in action then, thing is like you say why Britainistan.
Give it time, im sure she will get stoned and beaten with sticks here too.
Be better in Virginiastan if you ask me! he he

Eric said...

Someone should sign her up for a basketball team so she doesn't have to live on the dole!