Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taking over the kitchen

Mrs. Poolbar was bugging me to relocate a massive MP3 collection I'd foolishly stored on some old Sun lab hardware. After struggling with SCSI cabling and Samba configs, I finally got things moving to another PC. The price she paid was loss of the kitchen island for the afternoon.

And yes, that is a Bitburger beer there, by golly!


ZombieHero said...

I have about 1.2 TB via portable drives for my Mp3. Unfortunately some were corrupted when I transferred them from the old HD to the new ones. Newegg is a godsend.

Eric said...

I don't have anywhere near that much, but I'm thinking of getting one of those network storage appliances. Right now I've got a Linux box holding everything, but the storage isn't mirrored.

We use Newegg quite a bit...I may have to see what they have for storage appliances.

Mark said...

Here you go... if you don't want to man-up and roll your own:

Eric said...

It's not a question of manning up...I could put VxVM on a Linux box and have one screamin' NAS server. I just don't think I can do it cheaper than a dedicated NAS appliance.