Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Name That Party, Hartford edition

So, I'm in my old home state of Connecticut this week on business, and ran across this article in the Hartford Courant this evening. Cliff's Notes version: Hartford mayor Eddie Perez has contractor renovate home for nothing, contractor later gets lucrative city contract. Try finding any reference to Perez's party affiliation in the article.
Mayor Eddie A. Perez sat in his office at city hall on a late June day in 2007 and assured a pair of state criminal investigators that the rumors weren't true, that he had long ago paid in full for the $20,000 renovation at his home by city contractor Carlos Costa.

He could even get them the canceled check to prove it.

But barely an hour and a half after Perez said goodbye to the investigators, the mayor was in the offices of the Hartford Federal Credit Union filling out an application for a $25,000 home equity loan. It fell to Perez's lawyer nine days later to tell investigators that the mayor, in fact, had never paid Costa for the work that had begun more than two years earlier.
As a former denizen of the Hartford area, I can say with confidence that Hartford politics is just a bush league version of Chicago politics.

Oh, yeah...Eddie Perez is a Democrat...and a former gang member, to boot.

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Charles said...

It's a given that Perez is a D, there are no R's in Hartford. I feel bad for his supporters. They were proud of their mayor, he let them down.