Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Britain's ever over-reaching state

On the surface, this is merely appalling. On closer consideration it reveals a terrifying presumption by the state that children are better off under control of the state than of their parents.
Baroness Morgan said: "I'm sure the vast majority do a good job. However, there are concerns that some children are not receiving the education they need.

"And in some extreme cases, home education could be used as a cover for abuse. We cannot allow this to happen and are committed to doing all we can to help ensure children are safe, wherever they are educated."
Baroness Morgan is Britain's "Children's Minister", a scary title if ever I heard one. Can you imagine a "Secretary of Children's Affairs" here in the US? Well, actually, as of today maybe I can. But I digress.

No evidence or examples are offered up, just the possibility of such "extreme cases". And you know that when it's "for the children", legislators of every stripe will fall all over each other trying to be the first to pass new laws.

With NEA-friendly Democrats oozing into every nook and cranny of government, look for home education to come under further scrutiny and control here in the US.

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