Friday, January 02, 2009

Hey! Where did everybody go?

So Mrs. Poolbar and I along with the youngest of the Poolbar spawn drove up from Virginia to Connecticut today to spend a few days with family after the holiday insanity. Traveling through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York on the way to Connecticut on a Friday - the day after New Year's day, no less - I was certain would be a test of my patience.

While it wasn't exactly like one of those post-apocalyptic zombie movies where we had the roads entirely to ourselves, it was probably the easiest such trip I've made yet. Not a traffic backup anywhere.

Is it another sign of a truly shitty economy when nobody's driving even when gas is the lowest it's been in four years?


Mark said...

Maybe they were all flying?

I think most people were already at their destinations... Sunday will be very, very bad.

Dave C said...

It was all hope and change, don't you know?

it's a brave new world out there now..