Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Political correctness vs. over-reaching statism

A Swedish couple has run afoul of Sweden's tax authorities...for naming their baby daughter 'Elvis'.
Swedish tax authorities have informed a couple in Stockholm that they may not keep the name Elvis for their five-month old daughter. The girl's parents have appealed the decision, Metro reports.

"We talked about lots of names and then Elvis popped up. We thought it was a name that was both pretty and gender-neutral. We're not Elvis Presley fans at all," the infant's mother, Linda, told the newspaper.

The most important factor for the couple, who do not own any of The King's records, was for the name to be "gender-neutral".
I don't know which party to rant about more...the couple whose "most important factor" in naming the baby was gender neutrality, or the state for presuming to dictate to its citizens what they can and cannot name their children.

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