Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hugo Chavez the drug lord

I've given Venezuela's president many titles here, and now we can add "drug lord". It seems that under Chavez's leadership dictatorship, Venezuela has become the major transit point for cocaine from Colombia bound for Europe.
Anti-drugs officials estimate that more than 50 per cent of all the cocaine consumed in Britain has been trafficked through Venezuela - under the "revolutionary" regime of Mr Chavez. The figure could be as high as two thirds.

Senior commanders in Venezuela's security forces are thought to be profiting from the trade and actively helping the smugglers, notably by allowing them to use military airfields.

"Venezuela is a magnet for drug trafficking right now. It's a huge problem," said a senior member of another Latin American government. "Venezuela is a Bermuda Triangle for drugs."
Something seems to have been lost in translation here. My understanding of the Bermuda Triangle is that a Bermuda Triangle for drugs would be a good thing. But I get his meaning...I think.

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