Friday, June 20, 2008

Hindu terrorists?

Frequent readers of anti-jihad blogs will be familiar with the running joke in which a blogger will write snarky comments about mainstream media outlets who refuse to identify Islamist terrorism with Islam, completely omitting any reference to the religious background of the perpetrators of a terrorist act. The articles usually end with something like "Huh...must have been Hindus or Buddhists, or something". Since Islamists pretty much have cornered the terrorism market, there's usually not much need to tell us in a news item that a bombing in, say, Tel Aviv was committed by Islamists. But that's not the reason the media often fails to identify the perpetrators for what they are...they do it because they're chickenshit PC left-wing nutjobs.

But that may all change if some Hindu nationalists have their way:
A powerful Hindu-nationalist political party in western India has called for Hindu suicide squads to counter Islamic terrorism, causing outrage and embarrassing the national opposition with which it is allied.

The inflammatory comments appeared on Wednesday in an unsigned editorial in Saamana, the official newspaper of the Shiv Sena, a regional party whose politics is based on nativist pride for the people of the state of Maharashtra.

"Islamic terrorism is on the rise in India and in order to counter Islamic terrorism, we should match it with Hindu terrorism," the unsigned editorial said in Marathi.

"Just like Islamic extremism, to safeguard the country and Hindus we must create Hindu suicide squads if Hindu society is to be saved."
I suspect the response from the average Hindu will be something less than enthusiastic.

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