Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Meanwhile, back in Jordan...

In the allegedly "moderate" Islamic state of Jordan, an organization there is seeking the deportation of eleven Danes to Jordan to face charges of, well, something to do with some silly-ass cartoons that offended Muslims.
Eleven Danes have been summoned to appear before the Jordanian pubic prosecutor to answer charges of blasphemy and threatening the national peace. They include the cartoonist who drew one of the Mohammed cartoons and editors from 10 of the 17 newspapers that reprinted them.

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Osama al-Bettar, the group's lawyer, said that if the Danes do not appear, the next step will be to inform Interpol and seek their arrest.

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However, the Danish foreign ministry has said that a forced deportation is not a possibility. It would require that the printing of the Mohammed cartoons is punishable in Denmark, which is not the case.
None of that will matter to the Islamist freakazoids, of course. Don't those silly Danes know that Islamic law knows no international boundaries?

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