Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Change we can recycle

This is fun. Barack Obama and his team of parrots have been squawking the "change" mantra from the beginning, yet his team of national security, foreign policy and economic advisers is a Who's Who of Clinton administration retreads:
National Security Advisers
Richard Danzig...was Navy secretary in the Clinton administration.
Sarah Sewall...was deputy assistant secretary of defense for peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance during the Clinton administration.

Foreign Policy Advisers
Gregory B. Craig...a former Clinton White House aide, served as director of policy planning under former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
Anthony Lake...a national security adviser to President Clinton.
Susan E. Rice...served as assistant secretary of state for African affairs in the later years of the Clinton administration.

Economic Advisers
Jason Furman...served as special assistant to the president for economic policy in the Clinton administration.
William M. Daley...served as chairman of President Bill Clinton’s NAFTA Task Force. A few years after the enactment of the trade agreement, Daley became Clinton’s secretary of commerce.
Daniel K. Tarullo...In the Clinton administration, Tarullo served as assistant secretary of state for economic and business affairs, deputy assistant to the president for economic policy, and assistant to the president for international economic policy.
That kind of "change", I think, we can do without.

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