Thursday, June 19, 2008

Osama's "right-hand man in Europe" gives a shout-out to his peeps

Islamist freakazoid Abu Qatada, bailed this week by a British court on technical grounds, celebrated his release from prison by exhorting his followers to kill infidels in a short book published upon his release.
Suspected Al Qaeda leader Abu Qatada is celebrating his release from prison with the release of a book in which he urges Muslims to commit terrorist attacks in the West.

In the 71-page tract, published in English translation on the internet, he repeatedly claims that fighting jihad, holy war, is obligatory for all Muslims and urges them to 'terrorise' non-believers.

Security sources say his clear incitement to violence makes a mockery of the decision to set him free.
Making this even more outrageous is one of the conditions of his bail, which requires British Home Office permission before publication of any statement, article or book. So, either the government approved his incitement to violence or they're simply not enforcing the conditions of his release.


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Tyler said...

Well Barack Obama better choose a side, love or hate these people, apparently he turned away 2 Muslin woman from sitting behind Barack and in the cameras view because they wouldn't take off their head dress. I found out about this on Redeye (FNC) and they brought up a number of good points: if he allowed it, the far right blogs would acuse him of being Muslim, but big media could pay no attention. Also, it might make some people weary, a Muslim sitting behind you on a plane or bus is going to attract stares, even more so with a backpack. This was also mentioned on Fox & Friends a few minutes ago.
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