Sunday, October 14, 2007

'ware the Dembots

Of all the things that I find reprehensible about the left, it's their ideological totalitarianism that I find the most offensive. To be truly considered "one of them" (not that I'd want to be), one must fully embrace every twisted nook and cranny of their belief system. And the Democrats, once a party of at least some moral character, have been fully devoured by the far left.

Take a look at the current hive of Democratic candidates. Dennis Kucinich notwithstanding, can you really tell one from the other? Upon close examination, one might find one or two highly nuanced differences, but they're really all the same. Even Kucinich is little more than a caricaturized version of the rest.

Contrast Clinton, Obama, Edwards and the other party drones against the Republican candidates. While the GOP hopefuls have many positions in common, they seem to be at odds on just about as many.

Then, take a look at right-leaning blogs, and just try and find any two right-of-center bloggers that track the same on every position. And if you really want to see diversity, read the comments on those blogs.

Then, compare that to the left-wing blogs. The first thing you'll note is that there are almost no "left-of-center" blogs...they're all left- to loony-left wing. There you'll see such uniformity of thought it's almost breathtaking. Diversity of thought is neither welcome nor tolerated in the comments. For example, here's a message you'll see if you register on
Audition to become a commenter. To become a registered commenter on this site, you first need to be approved by our team. We’re looking for comments that are interesting, substantial or highly amusing. So write a comment, polish up your words and choose a username and password below. Your comment will only appear once (or if) you’re approved.
Just a nice way of saying that if your comments have even a whiff of divergence from the party line, you can forget about being approved. And on other sites, like MyDD or DailyKos, dissenting comments will get you banned in short order.

And then, take a look at any every-day leftist you know:
  • Pro-abortion: check
  • Anti-war: check
  • Pro-gay marriage: check
  • Anti-gun: check
  • Pro-open borders: check
  • Anti-voter ID law: check
  • Pro-national health care: check
  • Believes in anthropogenic global warming but not in Islamist threat: check
  • Thinks Che is cool: check
  • Every steaming pile of leftist dogma swallowed hook, line and sinker: check
Pure groupthink, no diversity of thought, just toe that line like a good little Dembot and nothing will happen to you.

Just ask Joe Lieberman.

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Sergey said...

This is inevitable consequence of having "issues" instead of principles. That is defining feature of present state of Democratic party. If people have principles, they can have different positions on particular issues starting from the same basic principles. If they have not, they define their identity and orthodoxy by issies themselves.