Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Does all air travel suck, or is it just Delta?

I've been known to compare membership in an airline loyalty program to being a battered spouse. Like the battered spouse, you're positively giddy when things are good. He doesn't come home drunk (the flights are on time), he takes you out to a nice dinner (the food is a notch above edible), and sometimes you don't get the snot beaten out of you (you get the first class upgrade).

Then there are the bad days...like today:

I'm on a scheduled 13:18 departure from Richmond for Atlanta, with a scheduled departure from there for San Francisco at 16:40. With a scheduled arrival time in Atlanta of 15:00, there shouldn't be a problem. But, no, the flight doesn't leave Richmond until almost 14:15. Since flights board half an hour before scheduled departure, I just make it to the gate as the flight for SFO is boarding. Obviously, not enough time to even grab something to take on the plane with me. Not if I want to board in time to get an overhead bin for my carry-on baggage, anyway.

The flight for SFO departs on time, and within an hour a flight attendant tosses me my meal:

Having been ordered to enjoy! my meal, I figured I'd better get that bad boy opened up and start enjoy!ing.

Now, recall that my flight from Richmond to Atlanta was originally scheduled for 13:18. Recall also that one should be at the gate about half an hour prior to departure. That means I was at the gate at around 12:50. The last thing I'd had to eat was at around 9 in the morning. Since the time was now around 17:30 or so, I was pretty freakin' hungry. I was ready to tear into something good. To say that the following meal was something less than satisfying would be an understatement of criminal dimensions:

Yup...rosemary crackers (what the hell are rosemary crackers??), a shortbread round, some cheese-like spread and a box of raisins. Who the fuck eats raisins? Did I mention that the flight from ATL to SFO is five fucking hours??

OK...I realize you can't get a first class upgrade every time, and I realize that delays happen. But Delta's idea of a "meal" for a five hour flight in coach defies belief. Just tack another twenty bucks onto my airfare and give some real fucking food!! I don't care if it's a sandwich, just as long as it's not one of those stupid freakin' snak paks.

After eight years of flying Delta, I'm seriously considering switching to United.


Darkpixel said...

Recall that all airlines suck.

See these two posts from Dean Barnett, a/k/a Soxblog over at hughhewitt.com:

Valentines to Delta:

And How United almost killed Soxblog:


Pick your poison....

Anonymous said...

Take it from a Flight Attendant... You're not going to get anything more on any other airline these days. From what I understand, in most cases you get more on Delta than United.

Eric said...

Actually, Delta has made a change recently. On the longer flights, they now offer food for purchase in coach, and it's decent food at a reasonable price.

Good on 'em.