Saturday, October 13, 2007

Neo-Soviet saber rattling intensifies

A Tu-22 "Backfire" bomber was photographed carrying a cruise missile
as it approached Norway's territorial airspace.

The Norwegian air force has intercepted and photographed 29 Russian air force probes of Norway's defenses this year, and possibly as many more probes weren't directly challenged.
Norway's military has felt it necessary to dispatch fighter jets 29 times so far this year, to monitor Russian military flights offshore. Now it's emerged that at least one of the Russian aircraft was equipped with a cruise missile.

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Military officials say the two Russian flights were in "classic position" to fire cruise missiles off Bodø, but both turned away before reaching Norwegian territory, 12 nautical miles from land.

The maneuvers were said to be "unusual," and part of a series of Russian flights in recent months that many are beginning to view as "sabre-rattling" on the part of Russian officials keen to assert their authority in the area.

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While 29 Russian military flights have been photographed, an equal number haven't been. The Russian activity over the Barents, Norwegian and North Seas has extended as far south as Great Britain, and it's increasing, but remains nowhere near the scale of activity during the Cold War.
But they're our buddies now, right Mr. President?


Franco Ignacio said...

de que ase espantan yankees culiaos si ustedes dejan la cagá en todos lados!

Eric said...

My Spanish isn't quite up to your fractured version of it, but I feel pretty confident in replying "Screw you, Chilean Commie!".