Saturday, October 06, 2007

Red Sox watch

All is well so far in the post-season with the Red Sox up two games to none against the Angels and the Evil Empire down two games to none against the Indians in the division series.

Looking ahead to a likely ALCS against Cleveland gives hope to those of us in Red Sox Nation. We beat them five games to two during the regular season.

I'd rather not contemplate the possibilities of an ALCS against the Evil Empire.


Heidi C said...

Is this not totally awesome news? Red Sox up by 2 and the Yankees down by 2.

Eric said...

It don't get no better than that! While part of me wants to see the Red Sox defeat the Evil Empire in the post-season, another part would just as soon not have to.

Darkpixel said...

What made 2004 so sweet was not just beating the Yankees, but seeing a whole team hop off the autopsy table and thoroughly emasculate the team from the Bronx.....tccgulh