Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stuart Woods: Writer without a clue

I think I may be done reading anything by author Stuart Woods, whose books I've enjoyed over the past several years. I wrote back in April about a juvenile swipe he took at George Bush in one of his books, and he's at it again.

In his most recent book, Shoot Him If He Runs, Woods regurgitates the ridiculously broad left-wing definition of "torture". In the story, the heroes are trying to track down a rogue retired CIA employee who, for reasons known only to the author, nobody is able to positively identify by sight, fingerprints, or DNA.
Well, then, we're left with kidnapping the three of them, locking them up somewhere and torturing them until one of them admits he's Teddy--the George W. Bush method of extracting admissions from people we hate. And, of course, under torture, anybody will admit to anything, so all three of them might admit to being Teddy.
So, not only does Woods know for a fact that we're torturing jihadis, but he's an expert on the efficacy of interrogation techniques.

He broadens his evil Republican theme in this book by portraying a Democratic President as a wise, just and perfectly virtuous gentleman, and projects the non-fictitious Democrats' propensity for leaking intelligence for political gain onto a conniving Republican opponent of the President.

Stuart Woods, the Dixie Chicks of popular fiction.

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