Friday, October 26, 2007

Islamist militants denounce al-Jazeera--for NOT censoring Bin Laden video

If one were looking for a sure sign that there's trouble in the ranks of the global jihad movement, look no further.
Al-Jazeera, the controversial Arab satellite channel, has been denounced for siding with the “crusaders” after it broadcast a message from Osama bin Laden that made him appear unusually humble.

In his latest missive, bin Laden admitted that al-Qa'eda's organisation in Iraq had made mistakes and called for unity among Muslims.

“Some of you have been lax in one duty, which is to unite your ranks,” said bin Laden, in a taped message.

“I advise myself, Muslims in general and brothers in al-Qa'eda everywhere to avoid extremism in men and groups.”

[ ... ]

Islamist militants vented their fury with al-Jazeera for drawing attention to these setbacks and broadcasting bin Laden's words of humility.

A stream of abusive and threatening messages was posted on the channel's website.

"God fight al-Jazeera”, read one message, adding that the station was a “collaborator with the Crusaders”.

Another protest said: “Al-Jazeera directors have shamefully chosen to back the Crusaders' side and the defenders of hypocrites and the thugs and traitors of Iraq.”

One furious message called al-Jazeera a “miserable fly in the rubbish” and said: “Your day will come, vile one. As long as we live you won't be safe, Jazeera.”
Divide and conquer.