Sunday, August 20, 2006

Shaping the Democratic party, Kos style

The Daily Kos is considered by many to be the premier web site of the "progressive" wing of the Democratic party, and Markos Zuniga (the site's founder) and his followers there like to think of themselves as the vanguard of the Democratic party's reformation. For that reason, it pays to take a look over there every now and then and see what they're thinking.

I came across this item today. The writer appears to be one of the saner members of Kos' Komrades, but in the fourth paragraph the hatred comes to the fore:
I know alot of you don't understand why people hated Dean so much, but there's a reason for it, at least there was for me. George W. Bush, and all his followers/enablers, scare the shit out of me. You see, I'm from the south. Specifically, the Bible Belt. I grew up with these people, I know how they think, these so called social conservatives, the fundamentalists. These are dangerous, scary, creepy people. They need to be removed from power with the quickness. To me, that objective takes priority over all other concerns. Gay Marriage, Abortion Law, Terrorism, even Iraq Policy takes a backseat to the overriding goal of removing these people from office.
I guess that even though I'm neither a Republican nor fundamentalist (fundamentalist what...agnostic?) I might be considered a social conservative for my extremist view that the world doesn't owe me (or anybody else) a living. Therefore, I too need to be removed from power with "the quickness". I might actually be worried if I held any kind of power.

With the Kos Krowd, nothing else matters. Their hatred for Republicans and/or anybody holding traditional values is what drives them, and ridding the land of their ilk is more important than life itself.

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