Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Did the nutroots hack Lieberman's campaign site?

WFSB-TV in Hartford is reporting that Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign web site and e-mail system has been hacked. It's not clear what happened, but certainly the web page (www.joe2006.com or www.lieberman2006.com) don't respond.

The Lieberman campaigners claim this was deliberate sabotoge on the day of his primary run against challenger Ned Lamont:
Lieberman's camp is claiming that the Web site has been sabotaged by hackers who support his challenger Ned Lamont for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.

"They have totally attacked our Web site and e-mail system," Lieberman's campaign manager, Sean Smith said. "If Ned Lamont has a backbone in his body, he will call on these people to cease and desist."
Well, I know of at least one "progressive" Democratic activist with a strong dislike for Lieberman who's also pretty tech-savvy.

Update at 18:14 on 8 August: Kos is all over this. For someone disavowing all knowledge, he sure knows an awful lot about Joe's web and e-mail servers.

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