Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Left and Islamofascism: Partners in Crime

Cartoon courtesy of Cox and Forkum and used here
in accordance with their usage policy.

The minute Israel chose to defend itself and responded to Hizballah's aggression, the always-angry left joined with every Islamist organization known to mankind to protest Israel's actions and demand an immediate ceasefire. In doing so, they're continuing in their role as useful idiot tools of groups like Hizballah and Hamas.

What motivates the left to back a group of people who engage in mass-murder in the name of God, and side with extremists who preach a religious supremacy over all other religions? What kind of hypocrisy moves them to do this when they protest the briefest mention of Christian or Judaic faiths in public venues?

The simple answer is that it's convenient to do so. In the warped mindset of the rabid leftist, there's no greater evil than George Bush or Tony Blair, and any admission that radical Islam is a problem would imply that maybe Bush and Blair were right about something. So if Israel is right to defend itself against Islamofascists seeking her destruction, then Bush and Blair just might be right in their war against Islamic terrorism. The left simply can't have that, so Israel must be wrong.

Update at 09:05 on 8 August: I'll occasionally shoot one of my blog entries to the local paper as a letter to the editor, as I did with this one. From now on, I'll update the post with a link when the paper publishes the letter. The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star published this one today.

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