Sunday, August 06, 2006

al-Reuters: busted!

The blogosphere, and in particular LGF, has been developing the story of apparently doctored photos of Beirut, allegedly taken after an Israeli airtstrike.

Here it is in a screen capture I snagged last night, in the context of the Yahoo news page on which it appeared. Just in case the original meets with an untimely "accident".

If you haven't been following this story, just take a look at the plumes of smoke. Patterns in smoke just don't repeat like that. Hit the LGF link above to see what else is wrong with this picture.

Update at 08:25 on 6 August: Yahoo News has killed the photo.

Update at 08:30 on 6 August: And yet, this link on Yahoo still carries the photo as a legitimate one.

Update at 08:44 on 6 August: This just keeps getting stranger. Yahoo News now has a link to the photo they say is the real one. Below are the two photos, the "real" one on top, the doctored one immediately beneath.

Now, why was the photo doctored, and who did the doctoring? I see a few possibilities:
  • Someone at Yahoo News just screwing around.
  • Someone at Reuters thinking the original needed more "punch".
  • The photographer himself.
The first possibility is the least worrisome. Either of the other two only confirm the bias I already suspect in the MSM.

Update at 09:05 on 6 August: I just noticed the additional caption in the Yahoo News post of the "real" picture which states that Reuters issued the kill of the fake picture. That, I think, gets Yahoo off the hook and confirms that either Reuters' bias or that of their stringer in Lebanon was the source of the manipulation.

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