Thursday, August 10, 2006

SecDef Joe?

The First Post has an interesting item by Damien McElroy suggesting that with Joe Lieberman losing the Democratic nomination for his senate seat, the Bush administration may tap him for Secretary of Defense to replace Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. McElroy makes a fairly convincing argument for this scenario.

I take issue with some of Rummy's policies and methods, but I think that overall, he's a great SecDef. And given Bush's reputation for loyalty, I don't see him throwing Rummy under the bus any time soon. At the same time, I can see Bush making some changes within his administration to deflect some of the criticism he's received over the years, and just maybe boost his abysmal approval ratings.

As for Joe Lieberman, I've been a big fan of his for a long time. When I lived in Connecticut, I voted for him for the US Senate in the late '80s when he ran for the first time, and didn't regret it. He's a man of honor and integrity, as evidenced by his sticking to his values even though it was those very values that led to his ouster by the far-left wing of the Democratic party.

The questions then are (1) will Bush seek to replace Rummy, and (2) if so, will he offer the position to Joe, and (3) would Joe take it?

Things will have to happen fast with Joe having already filed to run for his senate seat as an independent.

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