Monday, August 21, 2006

British Muslims on campus

This First Post article by Professor Tom Gallagher correctly identifies a major problem on British university campuses. According to Gallagher:
Extremist groups are targeting Muslim undergraduates, offering them a simplistic narrative of victimhood in which to make sense of their lives.
Unfortunately, Gallagher offers his own "narrative of victimhood", effectively excusing Muslim students who turn to violent radicalism:

The response of university officials has all too often been timid and sluggish. Too many have gone along with the Government strategy to increase student numbers while diluting the quality of degrees, especially in the humanities and social sciences.

This means many Muslim graduates will fail to establish themselves in the labour market. The word will spread that university is only a prelude to casual or low-paid jobs, which aids extremists grooming a young generation to reject Britain and embrace an international identity championing Islamic revolution.

Gallagher, in true whackademic fashion, then proposes a government program to cure this particular ill:

Government needs to have a strategy for promoting upward mobility in the Muslim population. Many young men should be steered away from university and into vocational training for jobs that will offer them the financial stability that will elude many graduates. High-earning Muslim tradesmen would be good role models for young Muslims.

Gallagher is shooting so wide of the mark with this piece that none can take it seriously. Linking low earning potential to radicalization is a red herring. Osama Bin Laden is (was?) filthy rich. His lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahiri, is a physician. He could have emigrated to any western country and lived quite nicely.

The problem in Britain is radical Islamic hate-mongering. The solution is to cut it out like the cancer that it is.

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