Sunday, April 30, 2006

Warning: Having too many daughters can make you a moonbat

A study in Britain analyzed the numbers of daughters and sons in a group of families and has concluded that those with a larger number of daughters than sons lean left, while families with a larger number of sons lean to the right.

As reported in The First Post:
...having daughters makes parents more left-wing, as defined by voting for Labour or the Liberal Democrats. Conversely, bearing sons seems to direct parents to the right.
The article goes on to speculate why:
The authors argue that having a daughter is likely to make a parent focus more on the position of women in society: they know their daughter will grow up to be mainly responsible for childcare and - very likely - suffer from pay discrimination.

Oswald and Powdthavee go on to argue that women are "inherently" collectivist, while men are more individualistic.
Interesting. Let's see...I've got two sons and one daughter, and I have two brothers and one sister.

Yup...I guess they're right!

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