Friday, April 21, 2006

How to expose anti-Americanism

The Futurist blog had a great post back in February titled An easy way to expose concealed anti-Americanism (a tip of the Poolbar hat to my brother Mark for e-mailing this link to me).

From the post:

While many who say this are merely fashion-parroting sheep rather than committed anti-Americans, if someone you believe to be a genuine anti-American says they oppose the Iraq War because "there were no WMDs" or "Bush lied about WMDs", then you can merely ask :

"So if WMDs were found, would you support the war?"

They can either answer "no", to which you can say "So why do you obsess over WMDs if you still would have opposed it anyway? That appears rather phony on your part."

Or they can answer "yes", to which you can ask them "But Iran and North Korea are openly admitting to the pursuit of nuclear weapons, and are threatening to use them. By your logic, invading them is fully justified, is it not?"

They have thus revealed that they merely avoid taking difficult decisions, in order to criticize from hindsight and mask their anti-Americanism in pseudowisdom. Either way, they are trapped. This is so simple, yet very effective. In reality, they oppose any action by the US because they oppose the very ideals of the US. Yet, they are too ashamed to admit it, and so hide behind phony guises.


British National Party member said...

I dont think they are ashamed. I think if people knew the values of the american people, they would support them because they are human values.

So the marxist soldiers obscure and invert the values through the horrendous european media, and people now proudly say they are anti-american, although they actualy arnt... they just dont know that, because they dont know what americans are like.

Ive been to america for a few months, so i know how good you people are as a rule.

The dedicated marxist soldiers who i think are small in number do hate your values of freedom, but the sheep think they support freedom by opposing you.

Eric said...

Thanks for the perspective, and for the record, I think you're probably right. I go to Europe quite a bit, and the media is, as you say, horrendous in their vicious anti-American tilt.