Sunday, April 02, 2006

Palestinian PM: I'm gonna hold my breath until you talk to me!

Ismail Haniyeh, the newly-elected Palestinian Prime Minister and leader of terrorist organization Hamas, is upset with the US. Like a child getting the silent treatment from a sibling, he's stomping his feet and slamming doors around the house.

Haniyeh is having a tantrum over the US decision to refuse diplomatic contact with any member of the Hamas government, saying "...
his people were being punished for electing the militant Islamic group." according to the article.

Uh, yeah...he's right about that. That whole reaping what you sow thing comes to mind. Why the hell should any government in the civilized world have any contact with an organization that persists in not just refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist, but threatening genocide against Israel?

Hamas and Haniyeh can go straight to hell, and take their supporters with them.

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