Sunday, April 16, 2006

HOW many virgins?

A couple of nights ago, while dumpster-diving over at the far-leftist Daily Kos web site (Google it...I'll not sully these pages with a link to that cesspool), I came across a posting by someone using the handle "73rd virgin". It goes without saying that I was a bit, well, taken aback.

Now, I'm not qualified to go into the psychology of anyone that would call her/himself the "73rd Virgin", but anyone who associates her/himself with the 73rd person standing in line to service a martyred Islamic terrorist in Paradise has got to have some serious issues.

But far be it from me to make any comments on how unhinged the left has become.

1 comment:

jarhead john said...

Serious issues? A waste of skin is more like it. God could have made a perfectly good pig or cow, but chose to waste that skin on that nutjob. What a shame.