Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bizarre Iran nuclear photo of the day

In this strange AP photo, Iranian dancers are seen celebrating their country's nuclear achievement by praising and dancing with samples of enriched uranium.

Tell me again why we're supposed to trust Iran with nuclear technology? Oh, and just in case you forgot, those doves in the background are to remind you that their nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes.


foreign devil said...

This was too bizarre! It wasn't a dance per se, though they seem to have used dancers or performers. They were all on a stage with the mullahs, imams and assorted others in the auditorium watching. It was a posed piece in which they end being set to look like they're in ecstasy. But at the end no one gave a signal to break and they all kept holding the pose, and holding it...and holding it. Finally, you could see everyone didn't know how to end it and one of the lead guys, the one on the left,l broke and stepped back. At that the others gradually broke the pose and then the camera scanned the mullahs watching. They seemed bemused, more than anything.

It was all very naive and reminded me of the early days of China. Every new revelation had some kitschy pantomime or state singers performance attached.

Eric said...

Oh, so have you seen a video of this? Do you happen to know if it's available online anywhere?

The picture just looks so bizarre, I'd love to see it in the context of the whole event.

I guess they need better choreography?