Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Arab News' take on the Dahab bombings

Arab News has an editorial properly entitled "Savagery in Dahab" in which the writer quite correctly deplores the attacks on innocent tourists. The author (there's no by-line) asks appropriate questions, the first of which is who's responsible:
Initial speculation at the time that fanatics sympathetic to Al-Qaeda were responsible and that the presence of Israeli tourists was a major factor was soon replaced by allegations laying the blame on local Bedouin said to be resentful of the casual lifestyle and relative opulence in the resorts. Neither theory has been proven.
The writer studiously ignores the Muslim Brotherhood, a group actively working to replace Egypt's secular government with an Islamic one, as the most likely suspects. In fact, nowhere in the editorial do the words "Islam" or "Muslim" appear.

The author goes on to say:
Those responsible for these barbarities either have a deep hatred of the tourist resorts and their Westernized ways and make no distinction between foreign tourists and Egyptian ones [emphasis mine --ed.], seeing all as targets. Or this is part of an even more sinister plot, using the same tactics as in Iraq — to cripple the Egyptian tourist industry and with it the nation’s economy, thereby destabilizing the country, making it ungovernable and bringing down the government.
Not to put words into the writer's mouth, but is it OK to kill tourists, just as long as they're not Egyptian?

This one editorial speaks volumes about what's wrong within Islam and in Muslim countries. There is complete denial that their religion motivates countless numbers of their co-religionists to perpetrate the most heinous crimes of mass murder, and only sit up and take notice when some of their own fall victim.


Anonymous said...

Very Sad when you dont know your History.

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If your a christan then you should know that jesus was not white. So what have you been praying to will that change your view.

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Anonymous said...

Eric you should be ashamed. if you were in the forces you would have trained with black solders who would have put their lifes on the line for you dumb ass

weapon of mass distrution supplyed by the US to their friends at the time the iraqs to help defeat iran.

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Eric said...

What these two comments have to do with the original post is beyond me.

But for the record, I've never said I'd join the BNP, but I believe I've commented on another blog that in light of Britain's immigration woes, I'd probably be tempted to vote BNP myself.

The truth is there are things I find highly objectionable about the BNP.

And this has nothing to do with race. It's a matter of allowing people into your country who have no interest in contributing to society, but rather wish to live off the taxpayers' generosity while at the same time committing crimes against them.

It's a shame that it's only the BNP in Britain that wants to do anything about it.

One more comment for the record...I have served in the armed forces, which you'd know if you had bothered to read my profile.

Your most obvious skills are simple copy and paste, as you posted the same things almost verbatim in response to someone else over at the link you supplied.