Friday, June 12, 2009

'She's with me'

During a town hall meeting to pimp his health care plan, Barack Obama gave 10-year-old Kennedy Corpus something she'll never forget:
Her father, John Corpus of Green Bay, stood to ask Obama about health care during the president's town hall-style meeting at Southwest High School on Thursday. He told Obama that his daughter was missing school to attend the event and that he hoped she didn't get in trouble.

"Do you need me to write a note?" Obama asked. The crowd laughed, but the president was serious.

On a piece of paper, he wrote: "To Kennedy's teacher: Please excuse Kennedy's absence. She's with me. Barack Obama." He stepped off the stage to hand-deliver the note -- to Kennedy's surprise.

"I thought he was joking until he started walking down," Kennedy said after the event, showing off the note in front of a bank of television cameras. "It was like the best thing ever."
Young Ms. Corpus declined to comment on what actually is the best thing ever.

Anyway, this is very cool for young Kennedy. Her share of the national debt is already $546,668 so in 10 or 20 years, she can sell the note on eBay and pay down her share. Or if she finds herself with health issues, she can use the money to go to some other country for treatment.


Alison said...

he wouldn't have written it if her name were Mary or Sally.

Mark said...

Is is just me, or did he use the wrong tense?

Absolute family heirloom though. With video documentation available, it'll be worth a ton in 40 years... As you point out, she'll need it.

Think she was named after an MTV v-jay?