Sunday, June 28, 2009

I see defeat in her future

Rob Wittman, Republican representing Virginia's 1st Congressional district, is up for reelection next year, and a young, 27-year-old Democrat may be his challenger:
The 2010 congressional races are 18 months away, but Krystal Ball, who recently kicked off her challenge to Rep. Rob Wittman, R-Westmoreland, doesn't think she's starting her campaign too early.

As a young mother who has never run for office before, and as a Democrat in the Republican-leaning 1st District, Ball said she needs that year and a half to introduce herself to voters and raise money.

[ ... ]

A King George County native, Ball, 27, said she has always been interested in politics, particularly economics and foreign affairs. But she didn't plan to get personally involved until the birth of her daughter, Ella, now 15 months old.
I say "may" be his challenger because it's likely she'll have to contend with another Democrat in a primary, and 1st District Democrats may want someone a bit more battle-hardened:
Once she decided to get involved in politics, Ball set her sights on federal office because, she said, that's where her interests and experience lie. An economics major who recently passed her CPA exam, Ball has worked for federal contractor CGI. Now she and her husband work from home designing educational software, which Ball said entails much international travel; they were in Jordan for three months, including during last fall's presidential election and President Barack Obama's inauguration in January.
In any event, it's not likely that the 1st District will elect a Democrat any time soon, and - petty though this might sound - probably not one named "Krystal Ball".

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Ayrdale said...

Well, you're probably right, but once the PR machine has a go at her, and develops her knowledge of yodelling anything could happen...