Sunday, June 28, 2009

She Bites Dogs

Dorian (front), Chris, Stefan and Rick (back, left to right)

It occurs to me that (1) I haven't posted anything about local music in a while and (2) I've never posted anything about this local band, which Ms. Pool Bar and I have seen, oh, probably 20 times. She Bites Dogs put on another great show last night at The Tavern at Lee's Hill here in Fredericksburg. They're really one of the best local bands, and I'm not just saying that because I know the guys.

A typical show features mostly original music, with a sprinkling of very well-done covers. Their original style is hard to pin down, but sort of blends edgy pop with hard rock. They mainly play in Virginia and the DC area, but with a little luck they'll get some wider exposure with their soon-to-be-released CD.

Rock on, guys!

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Alison said...

OOH never heard of them! LOVE their name...