Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The abortionist and the soldier

Over the past week, two high-profile murders took place which would have otherwise been almost not worthy of national news. In one case, a guy in Wichita was gunned down in church. In the other, a guy was shot to death at a Little Rock strip mall.

But Dr. George Tiller in Wichita ran one of three remaining clinics in the US which still administered late-term abortions and was killed by an anti-abortion activist, and Pvt. William Long in Little Rock was a US Army soldier, murdered by a recent convert to Islam.

My views on abortion aren't shared by most self-described conservatives. I'm opposed to abortion as a method of birth control and I'm dead-set against late-term abortions, but I do think abortion is an option women need to have in the very early stages of pregnancy. While late-term abortion may still be legal, I consider the practice immoral and reprehensible, and I don't mourn Dr. Tiller's death. But the "service" he offered is still legal, and even if it wasn't, his murderer, Scott Roeder, is still a murderer...vigilante murder is still murder.

In the case of Pvt. William Long, his murder was also ideologically motivated, here by Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, an American convert to Islam who'd studied jihad in Yemen, and possibly Somalia. Mujahid, by the way, is the singular form of Mujahedeen...holy warrior.

And yet the pro-abortion crowd holds candlelight vigils for Tiller. They blame right-wing commentators for Tiller's death, yet ignore left-wing anti-military and pro-jihadi propaganda while they studiously ignore Pvt. Long's death.


Ayrdale said...

My sentiments Eric exactly, nicely put. As a father and new grandfather, I can't help but think of the inhumanity of late term abortion, and the incredible lack of compassion that those who actually administer it must have. How do they sleep at night ?

Charles said...

DOJ will be investigating the abortionist's murder. No word yet on any investigation of the murder of Private Long.