Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Apology reflex

Obama's trying to make nice with the "Muslim world" so they have a better perception of us. He doesn't get it. The 5-10% of Muslims we're worried about aren't going to like us and stop trying to kill us because of his Muslim roots and flowery words.


Ayrdale said...

It really is amazing infantilism from the left that they feel our developed, productive and generous open society should need to feel guilty all the time.

It seems to be a tactic of the left to insist on guilt and apologies right throughout the community. Every aspect of our being says F*** off, we've done nothing wrong ! yet the hand wringing continues.

It's enough Eric, to drive a man to drink, yet I am encouraged every day by news from the blogs, news I'd never hear or see otherwise. The UK, for example will change profoundly I think, for the good. That of course will have repercussions in Europe and the world. Among those repercussions will be a different approach to immigration (guilt guilt) and possibly towards Islam, and maybe even extend to guilt over our sinful carbon footprint.

Eric said...

I hope you're right about change in the UK. I love that place and the people and I don't want to see the place turn into a sewer.