Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran and Obama's silence

I don't get Barack Obama's silence on the situation in Iran. Yeah, I'm pretty critical of him and I don't expect much from him - certainly not greatness - but this is really a no-brainer. So why the silence? If not an outright message of support for the protesters, why not a rebuke to the regime for their brutal suppression of those protests?

I can understand not coming out with overtly supportive statements for Mousavi and his supporters. That's the kind of thing that can too easily be spun into Iranian government propaganda that Mousavi and the protesters are puppets of the hated Americans. But surely Obama can find within himself the words to denounce the rigging of an election and the violence perpetrated against those voicing their anger at having their votes discarded? I guess these women have more guts than Obama:


Charles said...

He finally did come out with something. Very weak, very tepid. The French had a more forceful statement!

Eric said...

Pathetic, isn't it? George Tiller's murder? He's "shocked and outraged". Suppression free speech and political dissent? He's "troubled".

Charles said...

He's a coward. In due time his supporters, at least those that are capable of being honest with themselves, are going to realize he's just a hustler.