Friday, February 27, 2009

The shape of things to come?

Last Tuesday night, I stayed at a hotel at Gatwick Airport near London to make it easier to catch my flight out Tuesday morning. The hotel bar was pretty crowded, and since I was by myself at four-seat table, I offered an older couple a couple seats. We got to chatting, and it turned out they were a British couple enroute on their trip back from South Africa.

The conversation turned to the state of affairs in Africa, and the lady pulled this Zimbabwean bank note from her purse to show me. Yup, 200 million Zimbabwean dollars. Someone in South Africa just gave it to her as a souvenir, because it's so devalued now it's nearly worthless. You might liken this to handing someone a dime.

It kind of made me wonder how long it'll be before we give away US tens or twenties as worthless curiosities.

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