Monday, February 09, 2009

'Nein' to 69

When Croatian footballer soccer player Dino Drpic wanted to wear the number 69 on his jersey for the Karlsruhe, Germany football soccer team, the league said 'Nein!'.
Dino Drpic, the new Croatian defender at Bundesliga side Karlsruhe SC, apparently wanted 69 put on his jersey as an homage to the fiery love he has with his vixen pop star wife Nives Celzijus, but the German football league nixed the naughty number.

“Dino and I picked out the number 69 for him. But he unfortunately can’t wear it,” Celzijus told the Monday edition of newspaper Bild.

Celzijus, known for her provocative public personality, has proudly talked about her passionate relationship with her husband – not always to the benefit of his football career. Drpic had to leave his old club Dinamo Zagreb after his wife revealed on television that the couple had had sex at the club’s stadium on the middle of the pitch.
As a compromise, team management agreed to provide Drpic with more consonants.

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Mr. Bingley said...

The love, she is fantasticque, no?