Sunday, February 22, 2009

Confirmed: Qurans at the top of the stack in London

I ducked into a Borders book store in London this afternoon and figured I'd go see if, as has been noted on blogs recently, the Quran is in fact being displayed on the top shelf in book shops, per Muslims' request demand. And yes, it's true...sorry for the crappy picture quality, but those are definitely copies of the Quran on the top row.

Oh, the Bible? Yeah...somewhere in the middle of the stacks.


Dave C said...

I had hoped you would have at least take it off and move it to some other section..

in the cookbook section on how to roast pig or something like that :)

Eric said...

I briefly toyed with the idea of moving a stack of them to one of the shelves marked "Fiction", but do you have any idea how many surveillance cameras there are in Britain?