Monday, February 16, 2009

Air passenger meltdown

Synopsis: Passenger arrives at gate after apparently dilly-dallying around after checking in. Boarding door is closed and she's refused boarding. Hilarity ensues.

I say "dilly-dallying" because she had checked in and checked her bag which had to be offloaded when she didn't show up. Passengers often check in then spend too much time either shopping at the duty-free store or getting snockered in a bar and this is what happens. If the airline accepted her bag, she had plenty of time to get to the gate.

I actually saw a meltdown like this once in Atlanta during an ice storm. Nobody was going anywhere, but one lady got so freaked out she was screaming hysterically and threw herself on the floor just like this one did. Unfortunately, this was about nine years ago, before the days of ubiquitous cell phone video cams.

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