Saturday, February 07, 2009

Obama thugocracy watch: Panetta henchman grabs reporter

Just up over at Hot Air, which links this Politico article.
Following Leon Panetta’s confirmation hearing Thursday, several reporters approached the CIA director-designate in the hallway outside room G-50 in the Dirksen Building.

There, CongressDaily reporter Chris Strohm — upon asking a question — was physically restrained by a man who accompanied Panetta at hearings both days.
As Ed at HA asks, "Can you imagine the media reaction if this had happened a year ago?". It's not at all hard to imagine. This would have been burning up the media airwaves, and the howler monkeys on the left would have been, well, howling about the fascist thugs running the country.

Just another day in ObamaNation.

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Dave C said...

Dissent is no long patriotic..

besides.. Bush was a Fascist..

/tin foil hat off..