Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Iranian citizens starting to get testy

Over this past weekend, Iranian citizens came to the defense of a woman being arrested by the "modesty police" for not dressing modestly enough. When police reinforcements arrived, a full-fledged riot ensued, and the police backed down after making some token arrests.
Instead of meekly submitting to her fate, the woman fought back. A young man - it is unclear whether he was accompanying her - came to her defense and joined her in fighting the police. In an attempt to subdue – and humiliate him - the police grabbed the young man and threw him into the garbage can nearby.

That was when the large crowd, predominately made up of young people, rose up against the police and attempted to liberate the young woman themselves.

Faced with a full-blown riot - complete with angry crowds with garbage cans being set on fire - the frightened police jumped into the van and fled the scene, except for one unfortunate officer who was left behind. The policeman was reportedly attacked and beaten by the mob.

The police returned, reinforced by a full-fledged anti-riot unit. To gain control of the situation, members of the unit fired warning shots into the air and threatened to fire directly into the crowd. There were reports of between 10-15 arrests.
The cell phone video is very low quality, and isn't helped much by the fact that the camera is held at a 90 degree angle much of the time, but it gives an idea of the scope of the resistance.

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