Sunday, February 17, 2008

Death knell for HD-DVD?

An unconfirmed report suggests that Toshiba may be preparing to withdraw its HD-DVD format offering, effectively ceding the market to Sony's Blu-ray technology.

I've never had the chance to view a side-by-side comparison of the two competing formats, but let's just hope this isn't another VHS v. Beta competition in which Beta, the superior technology, lost to VHS.


darkpixel said...

Fear not... the superior standard has won out... But probably not because it was superior.

And as I posted elsewhere:

My...purchase of Blu-ray player that also has a video game console (A/K/A PS3) looks better and better (well, to me and the kids… still looks like waste o’money to Mrs darkpixel).

Eric said...

Well, I think it just might be time to go out and get a Blu-ray player. I've been holding out to see which way this goes.

Of course, with the new player, I'm not gonna be satisfied with my 7-year-old 1080i HiDef TV...