Friday, February 08, 2008

Flush with petro-cash, Russia to build weapons, hire aging rock band

Russia continued its cold war mongering with threats to expand an arms build-up in response to US plans to deploy a missile defense shield in Europe. I still fail to understand how, unless Russia plans to rain missiles down on Europe, a missile defense shield is a threat to Russia.
Russian president Vladimir Putin has said that Russia will "always respond" to any moves made in the new "arms race".

Speaking on Russian television, Mr Putin said that there was a "new turn in the arms race".

"Russia will always respond to this new challenge," he said, promising "new weapons that have the same characteristics, and in some cases better characteristics, as those being built by other countries."
Meanwhile, Russia announced plans to hire 1970s power rockers Deep Purple for a big party.
Veteran British rockers Deep Purple have been invited to play for one of their best-known fans, the man likely to be Russia's next president.

Dimitry Medvedev and outgoing president Vladimir Putin are expected to attend a party at the Kremlin thrown by Gazprom on Feb 11 to which the band has been invited.

Mr Medvedev has told interviewers that Deep Purple, known for hits such as Smoke on the Water, is his favourite band. The band's management declined to comment.

Mr Medvedev recently said that the country is so rich from an oil-fuelled boom that billions can be doled out simply by a click of the fingers.
Spoiled rich kids.

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