Monday, February 18, 2008

Chinese pot calls American kettle black

The government of China is getting their collective panties in a bunch over US plans to shoot down its own errant spy satellite.
China is concerned by U.S. plans to shoot down an ailing spy satellite and is considering what "preventative measures" to take, the Foreign Ministry said on Sunday.

"The Chinese government is paying close attention to how the situation develops and demands the U.S. side fulfill its international obligations and avoids causing damage to security in outer space and of other countries," spokesman Liu Jianchao said.
The article goes on to mention China's shoot-down of its own satellite last year in which they tested a ground-based anti-satellite missile on an aging weather satellite.

China has also allegedly targeted US satellites with ground-based lasers.

Update: Russia's also got their borscht in a boil.


darkpixel said...

How do you spell "Boo freaking hoo" in Chinese... or Russian?

According to babelfish:



Eric said...

Did you happen to look up "fuck off" while you were at it?