Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So, the wife and I had big plans to take our three kids, all of whom are of voting age, out to vote this evening. We were planning on leaving for the polls at around 7PM. While checking something online as we were getting ready to head out, I saw that 7PM is when the polls close here in Virginia. This was at around 6:57. I thought the polls closed at 8.

So here we sit, disenfranchised voters all, due to some vast left-wing conspiracy that had us believing we still had an hour to vote. I feel like some dumb-ass voter in Palm Beach in 2000 who left the polls not knowing who they voted for.


Tyler said...

I thought I just read on Fox that some judge extended closing to 9 because of some bad weather.. Now I can't find the link.

Tyler said...

Darn...Maryland... My family didn't get to vote either, CA screwed up and had us down as Dems and we vote by mail, so their wasn't enough time to correct it.

Eric said...

Yeah, it was MD...and they actually do close at 8PM normally. The were extended to 9:30.

We had a lot of freezing rain here, too, but it started icing up mostly after the polls had already closed at 7.