Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who's afraid of the big, bad Fox News Channel?

A persistent belief of the loony left is that News Corp. and their subsidiary Fox News is a shill for the Republican party. Just a couple of weeks ago, after a chemical explosion in the New York building housing News Corp. and Fox News Channel, the left spewed their hatred in comments on lefty blogs like Huffington Post and Democratic Underground wishing horrible death and destruction on Fox News and its broadcasters:
  • Who among us would have wept if Fox News HQ had been blown up? I can honestly say I wouldn't've.
  • oh yea good idea.... ****DIRTY BOMB, ...Let us Pray
  • what a nice christmas present, i guess the whole sleazy enterprise going up in smoke would have been too much of a gift. well, it's a start
  • False flag! They probably did it themselves to generate news to them in a sympathetic light. I wonder who Michelle Malkin will want to round up into internment camps for this...
  • Reichstag fire, anyone?
  • Too bad the entire building wasn't taken out.
  • US *always* needs to be on the lookout for false flag operations. First thing to consider is who would benefit from such an attack. What agenda would be facilitatd [sic] by such actions?
  • Rupert. Free advertising.
  • The nicest things happen to the nicest people!
  • I hope Hannity and BillO were severely harmed
  • Burnt to a crisp would be ideal!
  • I think this may be something trumped up, and they WILL blame Democrats on it.
Right, then. So, this morning, while looking up some information on campaign contributions, it occurred to me to take a look at which candidates are getting money from News Corp. employees. The results surprised me, and I'm sure the nice, progressive folks whose comments are sampled above would be shocked.

Of the 18 donations recorded through October of this year, 16 went to Democratic candidates, with 14 of them going to Hillary Clinton, and one each to Barack Obama and Chris Dodd. John McCain and Fred Thompson were the sole GOP beneficiaries of News Corp. donors' largess, each with a single donation.

And the donations didn't come from low-level peons at News Corp, either. Peter Chernin is News Corp President and Chief Operating Officer, and the "K. R. Murdoch" you see in the graphic above (click image for full-size if you're having trouble reading it) is Keith Rupert Murdoch, long the target of know-nothing lefties.

Another liberal myth blown all to hell.