Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mullah Krekar issues veiled threat to Norway

Mullah Krekar, the Ansar al-Islam leader facing possible deportation from Norway, issued a veiled threat to his hosts in a letter published in Aftenposten. After the usual lunatic raving about the US stealing Iraq's oil, he suggests that his continued presence in Norway may be to Norway's benefit:
Krekar argued that he may be insurance against a possible terrorist attack on Norway, rather than a threat. He claimed an "inner feeling" about the way Islamist groups think today despite "no longer having physical links" to them, and said that many immigrants expected an attack in Oslo after Madrid and London. "My presence and my case were possibly the reasons the terrorist action did not take place," Krekar wrote.
In other words, "I'd hate to see you deport me and have something bad happen to this nice country of yours."

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prossimoanno2 said...

Norwegian authorities should march this nasty piece of work down to the nearest pier on the North Sea and toss him over. Let him swim back to Iraq.