Monday, December 10, 2007

Nobel laureate: Y-chromosome biggest threat to humanity

While Al Gore receives his Nobel prize today for little more than gracing the human race with his divine existence, another Nobel laureate will be honored in spite of his actual contribution to science. But Oliver Smithies has other credentials that appeal to the Nobel prize committee: he believes men (not Mankind) are the biggest threat to humanity.
You made it pretty clear in a press conference what you think is posing the biggest threat to human kind. What is that?

The y-chromosome. Some boys are more aggressive. We associate war and violence with that. I believe we need to teach our boys not to solve their problems by fighting.


wyocwby said...

Clearly Dr. Smithies [that name answers a whole slew of questions] has never spent much time around little girls. When it come to hostility and vengeful antics they've got boys beat hands down.

Eric said...

Hmmm...I hadn't considered that, but I do believe you're right.

prossimoanno2 said...

Women are the reason men are competitive and aggressive in the first place. Without their constant nagging & prodding, we men would be content to just sit around in caves, venturing out only when we needed to hunt down some more game. But NOOO!!! The women wanted to have a nicer cave than the folks next door, and nicer skins to wear, and brighter face paint, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Eventually, it all led to god-kings (and queens) and wars and such. Mr. Smithies has got it exactly backwards.

Eric said...

Quite true, prossimoanno. In any event, Smithies makes aggression and competitiveness out to be bad things, which they're not, at least not when channeled properly.