Monday, December 03, 2007

In your face, Hugo!

Slim though the margin may have been, Venezuelan democracy got a stay of execution in the defeat of commie thug Hugo Chavez's constitutional reforms.

Since we can assume the Chavistas engaged in voting shenanigans at all levels, the actual margin was probably much wider.


transnational syndicate said...

There exists power structures that supercede the Nation State much as the Federal government superceded the original thirteen “nation states”. Before federalism was formalized through the civil war, it was already operational in trans-state commerce, transport, and criminal activity. The same evolution is happening globally with regard to the modern nation state, being replaced by transnational power structures including the International Petroleum Cartel, the European Community, EUROMED (the merger of the EY with the Mediterranean Arab nations), and of course the European joint ventures operating exports from China and India. All of this is central to understanding 9/11 and the psychological operations teams operating within the United States and the Internet.

Fore more on 9/11 ties to the cartel, and the transnational criminal syndicate (a privatized transnational covert ops intelligence network), see

9/11 syndicate 1 coup d’etat

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9/11 syndicate –falsification of Middle East History

Evolving cover up Lies on 9/11 by the Fake Alternative Media

Eric said...

Oh, Christ on a crutch...more trans-global conspiracy theorists.

Doesn't it get a bit exhausting doing all that Googling to come up with these fantasies?